The paintings of Richard Artrichard express a personal quest for meaning in what he calls our incomprehensible adventure of living amidst infinite space and time. To embody the concepts in his art he prefers the anonymity of no surname or nationality.
     He studied painting and cinema at the University of California. He served as a war photojournalist, taught art, then traveled the world before residing at a remote mountain monastery where he researched psychology, philosophy and comparative religion.
     In Asia he studied yoga, Buddhism and Chinese art. He has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts grant in the U.S.A., and once interviewed famed Spanish Surrealist Luis Bunuel.
     Recent painting exhibits have been in Mexico, Tahiti, Thailand and Vietnam.
     The paintings have luminous color from water-based pigments often applied wet-into-wet. Darting calligraphic-like lines and strange juxtapositions evoke the realm beyond name and form; matter / energy in the process of becoming through natural cycles of spontaneity, gravity, growth, and decay (also referencing negative space or "void".)
     Words often applied stimulate associations with global issues. The paintings may be hung to any orientation on the wall allowing viewer participation. All artmaking by yogirich is sadhana (service) with all profits donated to charity.